Forget the growing pains – we’re here to unload that burden
Startups need more than just a great idea to hit it big; they need the right people to make that happen. That’s why human resources is crucial for any growing company in so many ways, spanning from developing talent all the way to external company reputation.
Colleens & Co are specialists in the agile implementation of HR practices specifically for startups and other small to medium, disruptive companies that are experiencing growing pains. We always look at your organization with a business mindset - from every angle. Most growth companies have an agile mentality, so to be equally agile in managing your people is a must.
There is true harmony in a well functioning team. As a business executive or owner we support you to reach your business objectives, working closely together to identify your specific needs.
Want to get the bigger picture? Review the current organisation in terms of HR and structure. Get recommendations on value adding areas within HR. Often it’s just enough to get some more insight. Our HR business analysis looks to align your HR objectives with you business strategy, making sure you are focusing on the right things. We define the focus areas with you. This analysis will open your eyes and support you with an overall plan for how to grow and go forward. Giving you the tools to improve your businesses people management and filling in any potential gaps you might have.
Every now and then we train business managers that have teams to become leaders with influence. Expanding their leadership to new levels of awareness, improving individual satisfaction thus improving overall business performance. In our trainings we share our know-how in how to create working teams either in individual and/or group setting. Our trainings range from one day workshops to year long programs, tailored to your company needs.
Planning any recruiting or organizational changes in the near future? Knowing more about your candidate increase your chances of a successful recruitment or getting concrete tools to further develop your team are the building blocks for a successful business. We offer second opinions of candidates and management evaluations for teams or individuals. We have a proven process to evaluate, presenting the results range from individual feedback to a full day team workshop.
Expand your leadership to a new level of awareness and creativity. Find the power to influence and create a difference to impact the bigger picture. Are you determined to reach your personal and professional goals in life? Do you have a plan or take it as it goes? Either way we support and challenge you along the way. We offer individual coaching. You are in control, set your own goals and we support you in the process to make sure you reach them. 
How do you find the right mix of talent? What are the qualities you need and want when you grow the business? Usually when we work with businesses, the need to recruiting new talents arise. We can either support managers by establishing effective recruitment methods and processes for the business or we handle the whole recruitment process, working closely with the manager to find and assess the best talent.